The Sicuro token was developed to enable a closed loop insurance lending business.

D & P

Our company, D&P Holdings, has been in the business of supporting our customers (primarily car dealerships) around the world for over 30 years. We have over 750 active customers actively seeking to benefit from the Sicuro token…in short, we enable “advanced commission” loans on finance and insurance products that our customers sell to consumers when purchasing a vehicle.

The Sicuro Token

The Sicuro token enables democratized capital formation for this additional line of business. As a result of this democratization, token holders will receive 75% of all profits generated by the Company's Advanced Commission Program in perpetuity. The funds raised will be deployed (and then redeployed via churn) as advanced commission loans to only those customers that the Company considers to have the highest credit worthiness.


The information below is provided for general informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or invitation to subscribe for securities in the Company or a recommendation by the Company to any person in respect of any matter. As of the date of posting, the Company is in the process of a private security token financing that is only available to Accredited Investors (as such term is defined in applicable securities laws). Any prospective eligible investors are encouraged to review the Company’s offering documents, being the private placement memorandum and subscription agreement, which may be available via the “Get Started” button.


Distributions are paid quarterly

Token Holders

Token holders receive 75% of profit generated by the Company’s Advanced Commission Program.


The Advanced Commission Program is expected to be profitable upon deployment and the profits are expected to grow consistently year-over-year.

Total Max Supply:

200,000,000 (can never be increased)

Private Sale Offering:

50,000,000 tokens sold in 3 tranches

Sicuro – 5 Year Consolidated Financial Pro Forma
Sicuro TablePoint Finger Image
Net Operating Cash Flow
Year End Customer Loans Receivable
Annual Token Distribution
(75% of net cash flow)
Per Token Distribution (Quarterly)
Per Token Distribution (Annual Total)
Year 1

$ 43,886,875

$ 19,170,000

$ 14,377,500

$ 0.018

$ 0.072

Year 2

$ 54,255,149

$ 23,698,913

$ 17,774,184

$ 0.022

$ 0.089

Year 3

$ 67,072,928

$ 29,297,781

$ 21,973,335

$ 0.027

$ 0.110

Year 4

$ 82,918,908

$ 102,508,499

$ 153,162,284.38

$ 114,871,713.28

$ 0.57

$ 44.776,210

$ 33.582,158

$ 0.042

$ 0.168

5 Year Cumulative

$ 36,219,381

$ 27,164,536

$ 0.034

$ 0.136

Year 5

Note: In addition to the risk factors set out in the Company’s private placement memorandum (PPM) in connection with the token offering and subject to forward-looking information disclaimers in the PPM, the above assumes completion of financing in the aggregate of $35.5 million and that a total of 115 dealerships will have signed up as customers under the financing and product sales arrangement by the end of the fifth year, representing only approximately 15% of Sicuro’s current dealership customer base.

Current Customers
Sicuro’s Potential Additional Dealerships


Qualified market opportunity within the US


Current dealerships as customers
Privately Owned Franchise Auto Dealers - Estimate


Pipeline opportunities (30 day closing period once signed up)

Sicuro Token

D&P Holdings has developed the "Sicuro Token" with the intent of sharing 75% of their profits with token holders.


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Minimum Investement
Tier - 1

$ 1,000

Member to Sicuro Premier Club, receive a ball marker

Tier - 2

$ 5,000

Eligible to vote on philanthropic entity for the quarter and eligible for VSC quote for all your cars

Tier - 3

$ 25,000

Able to attend Zoom call with CEO to discuss company updates, free Lookout service for phone/tablet for 1 year

Tier - 4

$ 50,000

Sicuro golf shirt

Tier - 5

$ 250,000

Qualify for 1 Round of golf with CEO and 2 guests in Houston at companies facility

Tier - 6

$ 1,000,000

Complete set of Ping fitted golf irons

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